Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Will Kyle Pitts still be available at number 6?

We’re just days away from the 2021 NFL draft and unlike last year, still none the wiser on who the Dolphins top target will be, although Kyle Pitts is certainly getting a lot of the buzz. Having moved around the board from 3 and settling on 6, it would indicate that they might be happy to see who falls to them rather than having just 1 top target.

If he’s available, Kyle Pitts would be an absolutely fantastic signing for the Dolphins. Regarded in some circles as the best overall player in the entire draft, he can line up as a Tight End, in the slot or out wide. He would effectively be a hybrid Wide Receiver/Tight End offering Tua a massive offensive upgrade.

There is, however, a huge obstacle standing in the way of the Dolphins being able to select Pitts, and that’s the Atlanta Falcons at 4. The Falcons have a multitude of needs and whilst Tight End is one of them, there could be an opportunity for the team to secure the long-term successor to an aging Matt Ryan.

This pick has the potential to put some real pressure on Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot and could legitimately have an impact on their future employment. Taking Kyle Pitt’s at 4 seems to be a bit of a frivolous pick and it doesn’t do a lot to enhance the longer-term prospects of the team. Should they draft Pitts, it would seem to suggest a win now mentality. 


You are decreasing the likelihood that over the next few seasons, you could find a legitimate successor to Matt Ryan. At 35, he’s unlikely to have many more seasons in him and whilst he’s undoubtedly going to be starting under centre, at some point you have to think further into the future. The odds are, they will find themselves moving out of the coveted spots in future drafts to be able to acquire that all important Quarterback.

The Falcons have done a lot of work restructuring his contract but it still leaves $40.525 in dead money in 2022 so he’s still going to be around the building for a few years. What better time to try and secure the future of the franchise whilst letting him sit for a year or two and learn his craft behind a multi-year Pro Bowler and a former MVP.

Ryan is also the only Quarterback currently on the roster, which would indicate that at some point during the draft, they’re going to make a move for one. The question is, when?

Should the Falcons not see anybody they like at Quarterback the other, and for me, the best option for them would be to trade down. The likihood is that there would be multiple teams scrabbling amongst each other to move up into that position. The Denver, Washington, Chicago, dare I say, New England are just a few teams that might be willing to offer up their soul to get their hands on the number 4 pick.

By doing this, the Falcons can not only amass future capital to make a move for a Quarterback, they can focus on some other areas that desperately require their attention, like Cornerback, Offensive Tackle and an Edge Rusher. This would set the team up nicely for the next few seasons as Ryan still has the ability to carry the team to the playoffs.

Whatever happens, the draft is always an exciting evening and should the Dolphins miss out on Kyle Pitts, then they’ll have the choice of two out of Chase, Smith and Waddle, which let’s face it, isn’t a bad place to be.

If Kyle Pitts is available, I’d scoop him up in a heartbeat as he really is an outstanding talent and could give a real dynamic edge to the offense. With the way the league has been this past year who’s to say what teams might do and there’s a very real potential that the Dolphins may decide to do even more pick trading. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this year it all works out.

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