Monday, April 15, 2024

Dolphins need wins in 24 not more bullshit

The Dolphins have gone from a head coach who said nothing to a coach that doesn’t stop talking, but rarely means what he says.

Head Coach Mike McDaniel continued this pointless double-talk at the owners meeting this week, talking about the losses of Christian Wilkins, Robert Hunt and Andrew can Ginkel.

“You kind of evolve to where your opportunities are,” he said. “That’s where you have to stay at at this point, where you have to be very calculated in free agent acquisitions. And you have to make decisions not based upon necessarily position as much as team impact with your draft picks.”

Dolphins set to splash on Odell Beckham Jr

“You have to keep the scope of the entire team and the competitiveness that you can put forth at every position and those situations may arise that way,” McDaniel said

Which is an interesting take given that the Dolphins have slashed salary from the defensive side of the ball at the same time as having an unproven new defensive coordinator in Anthony Weaver.

And also given that McDaniel confirmed the Dolphins are in on WR Odell Beckham Jr, a move that would conservatively cost $7-million per season and give Miami the most expensive WR room in the country at a staggering $55-million or 21% of the total cap. And that’s assuming OBJ Will play for HALF of what he earned last season.

The problem with all the words is when the actions don’t match them. Miami is all about team building, culture and the right fit. So let’s not pay team captain and leader Christian Wilkins and bring on a player who was dumped by two teams for ego-issues and would be asked to play WR3?

For all the “genius” tags attached to McDaniel he sure seems like he needs to spend a lot of money to make his schemes work. 2024 is a season where all that talk needs to result in a team that can actually beat a winning team. Can win in the playoffs and can show some kind of fight.

The limp, lay down the Dolphins put up in Kansas City was a testament to coaching, coaching style, and too much hot air.

It’s time to put up or shut up. Or preferably both.

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