Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dolphins 2024 draft more important than ever?

The Dolphins had arguably a great 2023 regular season. Yes it may not have ended the way we all wanted, with another late season swoon costing Miami their first division crown since 2008, but it was definitely a step forward.

But, so far the 2024 year has been a pretty hard pill to swallow. The offensive line has been ripped up, and is arguably much weaker. The defense jettisoned 3 starters by choice, 3 heavy-use players are also gone, and Phillips and Chubb may well not be ready for the opening weeks of the season.

Dolphins need to hit on 24 class

Which brings me to the point: The Dolphins need to hit on their first and second round picks. Does this mean they shy away from need and hit on best-player-available, or does it mean that trade back in the first round and try to accumulate more picks.

GM Chris Grier, presumably with the backing of head coach Mike McDaniel has been loathe to retain the Dolphins own picks in the draft the last couple of years with trades for Hill, Chubb, and Ramsey relinquishing boat-loads of high selections.

That has come at a cost, literally in dollars as the Dolphins have a bloated salary-cap and now couldn’t afford to keep the few picks Grier had actually hit on. When you also factor in the massive misses like Igbinoghene and, seemingly, Cam Smith, the Dolphins have depth issues, cap issues and the need to hit on picks.

The biggest weakness for the Dolphins seems to be on the offensive line and potentially on the defensive line. But withe the fourth-oldest roster in the NFL it would likely behoove Miami to add as many picks as they can.

But will Grier be able to hit on the picks is becoming the biggest question. And it could be the thing that stops this team from achieving it’s potential.

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