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Why the Miami Dolphins Should Trade Jordan Howard

The NFL trade deadline is today. We may see alot of last minute trades made between teams. Will we see the Miami Dolphins involved in any last minute deals?

We have already seen Desmond King move from the Los Angeles Chargers to the Tennessee Titans. Kwon Alexander has moved from the San Francisco 49ers to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for former Miami Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso.

The Miami Dolphins are already in a healthy position for the 2021 NFL Draft with two first picks, one of them being dependent on the Houston Texans’ record. Head coach Brian Flores and general manager Chris Grier have the chance to add even more draft picks to the team.

One of the players on the roster that the Miami Dolphins should consider trading is Jordan Howard.

Howard was one of the players that the Miami Dolphins acquired in the off-season, signing a two year €9.75 million contract.

However, he has failed to live up to expectation with 2019 seventh round pick Myles Gaskin stealing all the headlines and truly forcing his way to the number one back slot with some impressive performances.

Howard has fallen to third in the pecking order, only rushing for 14 yards from 18 attempts.


Jordan Howard came into the Miami Dolphins locker room this off season with a reputation, with 24 touchdowns in three seasons with the Chicago Bears before his first season with the Philadelphia Eagles was cut short by injury. He also managed two 1,000 yard seasons in 2016 and 2017 with Chicago along with 935 yards in 2018.

This is exactly the reason why I feel the Miami Dolphins should look to trade away Jordan Howard. When Howard did get gametime on the field, he failed to make much of an impact. Despite his three touchdowns this season, they were all short runs.

Since his time out of the team, Matt Breida has also struggled but Gaskin has asserted himself as top in the running back depth chart.

Breida could also be traded but he will offer more than Howard as a back up.

Howard still has those 24 touchdowns on his record and teams will look at that. A first or second round pick should probably be ruled out but a third and fourth can be considered realistic.

Howard has struggled for injuries, but has those two thousand yard seasons and 24 touchdowns. He will have value to several teams in the NFL. A return to Chicago should not be ruled out with the absence of Tarik Cohen.

Jordan Howard has simply not worked out and the Miami Dolphins should cut their losses whilst they can get valuable draft capital in return.

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