Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tua Tagovailoa to return?

Well, as I wind down the day on the sofa this Wednesday evening, with my excitement building to see our Miami Dolphins this weekend, the news breaks that the Miami Dolphins designated Tua Tagovailoa to return from IR, and that he will be eligible to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend.

As a UK based fan, I have only been fortunate to see the Dolphins play live and in person once before. That day we lost 20-0 and we were quarterbacked by Jay Cutler… far from ideal. This season has brought a lot of doom and gloom, a lot of questions of our QB, our wider roster, our staff, our HC, our Front Office and the majority of the questions being aimed at them are legitimate and understandable.

But amongst this, I can’t help feeling slightly optimistic. Yes, things are far from OK and this season has started difficultly, especially in the manner we have played to get to 1-4. BUT… from those 5 games, Tua has only played the full games once, the one we won.

In the second game, we all know, Tua took a hit that gave him fractured ribs. Since then he hasn’t played and questions of his injury proneness has been a hot topic of conversation.


But right now, whether you are a Tua fan, stan or hater, the fact remains that right now… we NEED him. Right now, we need him to play and we need him to start showing the skills that led to him being a number 5 overall pick in the draft. We need him to silence the doubters and turn this season around.

As we enter the easier stage of our schedule, this is an ideal opportunity for Tua to lay down a marker, to put some teams to the sword, to show what so many Dolphins fans saw in him pre-draft and to solidify himself as a franchise quarterback.

If Tua can bring success to Miami, the comparisons to Justin Herbert will quieten, the clamour to trade for DeShaun Watson will quieten, the doubts will ease and we will all start to come together in support of our franchise quarterback.

He has to prove himself, he has to improve and use his play to silence the critics. But by coming off IR, and looking more and more likely to play in week 6, he has that opportunity and whether you like him or not we should ALL be hoping he can do it. Because at the end of the day, success for Tua is success for the Miami Dolphins and when all is said and done, that’s what we are all desperate for.

Week 6!
Against the Jacksonville Jaguars! Tua is likely to return!
The season re-starts HERE!
The comeback is ON!

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