Friday, June 2, 2023

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Isaiah Wilson experiment is over in 3 days

Just 3 days after the Miami Dolphins completed a trade for Isaiah Wilson, the 29th overall pick in last seasons NFL Draft, they are intending to cut him. Wilson who had a number of character red-flags against him last season in Tennessee outstayed his welcome in Miami in record-setting time.

The trade for Wilson was always a low-risk high-reward longshot, but few would’ve predicted it would be over this quickly. After his issues in Tennessee last season, all of the guaranteed money in his contract was voided so the move saves the Dolphins $1.13 million in cap space.


Despite being taken with the 29th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft Isaiah Wilson didn’t really see the field with the Titans, playing just 4 snaps in week 12.

Wilson was highly touted, with The Draft Network saying “Wilson is an all-everything recruit. He’s an impressive blend of size, mobility and power and has some dominant reps on tape as both a run and pass blocker where his traits simply allow him to take over.

However, the sad case of Isaiah Wilson highlights the difficulties of scouting college players. Character issues, and work-ethic may not necessarily be as easy to scout as on field performance. And you never can tell just how a young-man will react to that $5-million plus signing bonus hitting his bank account.

We wish Wilson all the best for the future.

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