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Dolphins Trade For Isaiah Wilson: Aim To Fix Career

Dolphins trade for Isaiah Wilson. This is the headline coming out of Miami Dolphins media today. He has been traded to the Dolphins in exchange for 2021 and 2022 seventh-round picks.

The 2020 first-round pick has joined after a tumultuous rookie season with the Tennessee Titans after matters off the field, which only saw him play 3 snaps. Can the Dolphins resurrect his NFL career?


Isaiah Wilson’s potential is clear to see. There is a reason he was a first-round pick, and the only reason this trade for Isaiah Wilson happened.

PFF saw Isaiah Wilson’s potential. He was seen as someone who could excel in play-action and quickly get to opposition defenders. His pass-block grade (82.7) was second amongst the five other first-round offensive tackles taken. He ranked higher than Tristan Wirfs and Mekhi Becton who both went on to impress in their rookie seasons.

Wilson only allowed 15 pressures during his time at Georgia and didn’t allow more than one sack allowed during any college season. If Isaiah Wilson’s potential can translate on to the field, this would be a welcome addition to an offensive line that struggled in 2020.

Tua Tagovailoa (48) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (67) were pressured for a combined 115 times and were sacked 34 times between them, a tally that was lower than just 8 other NFL quarterbacks in 2020.

“Big, broad right tackle prospect with outstanding physical traits and above-average potential. Wilson’s play was a bit uneven depending on his matchup, but his level of play showed improvement in-season. He’s a little inconsistent hitting his landmarks as a zone blocker but should fit nicely into a man-based blocking scheme. A potential lack of range in pass protection could lead to over-sets and subsequent troubles with inside counters. Wilson has elite size and length. There’s buzz surrounding his NFL projection, but early work might be needed for both his footwork and technique in order to play with desired consistency as a starter.”

This is a statement from analyst Lance Zierlien before the NFL draft. What is clear from this that Wilson is a project and needs time to adjust to the league and the new system. The trade for Isaiah Wilson should not be seen as a quick fix.


Character issues dominated his only season so far in the league, but there is plenty of chance at redemption.

Things didn’t pan out as everyone thought at Tennessee, but with this trade for Wilson will be joining a fantastic organisation. Head coach Brian Flores is arguably the franchise’s safest pair of hands at the position since the late Don Shula.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have proved during their recent Super Bowl win that players deserve a second chance. Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette both had issues off the field before joining the franchise and both scored touchdowns in Super Bowl 55. Neither have had any matters off the field since they joined Tampa. This goes to show the power of a well-run organisation and highlights why the Dolphins are willing to take this risk and trade for Isaiah Wilson.

Flores has set out the culture and we wouldn’t have seen him trade for Isaiah Wilson if he didn’t feel that he would fit into it. Wilson is still young and has plenty of time to fix his career.

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