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Why the 2020 Dolphins uniforms need a change

While the Dolphins uniforms have stayed the same the NFL has seen many new uniforms be announced during the 2020 offseason.

We have seen the Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, and Los Angeles Chargers announce new uniforms.

The Chargers smashed it out of the park with their new uniforms, with all of their new uniforms looking just as good as each other.

The aforementioned new Cleveland Browns uniforms is a traditional throwback and is inspired by the uniform of the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

With the nice look of the retro uniforms from the Browns and the growing popularity in retro jerseys being worn, is it time for the Dolphins to make their alternative throwback jerseys their new home and away uniforms?

Dolphins uniforms policy needs adjustment

We have seen the Patriots use their alternate jersey from the 2019 season as their home new jersey from 2020 onwards. This is something Miami can use as inspiration for their home and away uniforms.

The current home and away jerseys are not terrible. They are good, solid uniforms.

However, the aqua throwback jersey that we saw against the Patriots for the ‘Miami Miracle’ in 2018 and the white throwback uniform we saw away against both the Steelers and Patriots in 2019 are both way way better.

Considering new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa announced his jersey number with him ‘wearing’ the aqua alternative jersey, this shows which aqua jersey he thinks is best.

The three best moments of the last two seasons were the ‘Miami Miracle’, the week 17 win at New England which saw them fall out of a play off bye week and the trick play that saw punter Matt Haack throw a touchdown pass to kicker Jason Sanders.

Two of those three moments took place wearing that alternate Dolphins uniform, which makes you think even more that this should be the aqua jersey that we wear in future years as opposed to the current home uniform.

Last season, Miami wore the home uniform three times, two of those at home to the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills and one away at Dallas.

However, the Miami Dolphins wore the away jersey ten times last season but only wore the alternate aqua jersey just once in that win over the Philadelphia Eagles and played just twice lasr season in the alternate white jersey.


This makes me think that maybe our home Dolphins uniforms and away uniforms should swap colour.

The Dolphins are said to often wear white at home as white is better for the heat which will make opposition teams wear coloured jerseys and therefore absorb the heat more.

This is a good tactic in theory but the last few years show that maybe this doesn’t make any difference at all.

With a new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa under centre and a potential franchise quarterback in Miami for the first time since Dan Marino, maybe Miami’s luck is about to change.

Tua in the current home uniform

The Dolphins use the white uniforms a lot more than the aqua jerseys. I would never for one minute get rid of aqua jerseys as the colour is symbolic of the franchise.

This is why I would make aqua jerseys the away jersey and white uniforms the new home jersey as it is often worn in the Hard Rock Stadium anyway, with aqua only worn three times out of the eight games played at home last season.

In conclusion, I would swap around the Dolphins uniforms and make the home uniform the white alternate jersey and the aqua alternate jersey from the last couple of seasons the away uniform.

I would then use the all green uniforms as the alternate jersey and maybe use the orange jersey as another alternate uniform.

With the potential of the next few years as being the best in the history of the franchise during the 21st century, we have to get the uniforms right.

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