Monday, April 15, 2024

Tua Tagovailoa named the Dolphins starter. New era begins

After months of anticipation we can finally say Tua Tagovailoa named the Dolphins starter. At times it almost seemed like we would never say it, but finally the new era will begin.

After throwing his first two NFL passes on Sunday in a beatdown of the Jets, Tua was officially handed the starters reins. Despite what some may say it is not a negative assessment on previous starter Ryan Fitzpatrick.

In fact you would be more likely to argue that Fitzmagic has done exactly the job he was brought in to do. He has nurtured Tua, he has taught him, he has shared on the sidelines after every series, good or bad. Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of the main reasons why Tua Tagovailoa named the Dolphins starter.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been his usual self this year. Two and a half very good games, and two and a half very bad games. That’s who he is. But he was also an excellent man, and an excellent mentor to the young Padawan.

Tua Tagovailoa named the Dolphins starter

It was something we predicted months ago, Tua would become starter after the bye week in an ideal world. Well it may not be the ideal world, which is why the bye week is considerably earlier than expected.

But clearly the progress of Tua that the coaching staff has seen over training camp, and the first 6 weeks of the season is enough for them to want to evaluate him in the heat of battle. It’s the smart play, the only play and that’s why Tua Tagovailoa named the Dolphins starter.

Of course there will be some concern over that injury. But Tagovailoa has been given full clearance by Doctor’s. Read that again if you need to. Not journalists, not twitter warriors, not raging fans. Doctor’s. You know, the ones who actually know what they’re talking about.

He is the third of the three big QB’s taken in the 2020 first round to start, and now only Jordan Love has not been handed the keys to his new teams offence. Tua is a guy you just want to root for. He’s a happy, energetic, bundle of energy. The horrendous injury he suffered just makes him even easier to like.

After the final on Sunday, Tua took to the field to FaceTime his parents. It’s just a sign of the kind of man the Dolphins now have as their quarterback.

With Tua Tagovailoa named the Dolphins starter it won’t all be pretty, and it won’t be easy. We still don’t really know what these Dolphins are in 2020. Are they pushing for the playoffs, or are they a middle of the road 8-8 at best. But what we know is that we finally get to evaluate our quarterback of the future making his first start.

So in 12 days, take root infant of your TV and watch the start of a new era for the Dolphins. A new era for Tua Tagovailoa. For finally we can say: Tua Tagovailoa named the Dolphins starter.

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