Friday, July 19, 2024

“Tua sucks” crowd going to be unhappy in 2024

Tua sucks is for some reason still a narrative. But Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is definitely not a buyer of that opinion.

“My belief has always been strong from Day 1 in Tua. It’s stronger than it was the first day I met him. And that’s because of that relationship, where I’m focused, which is continuing to provide the coaching so he can continue to evolve his game as he has since the second that I started talking to him.”

“Both his representation and our organization are hard at work,” McDaniel said. “Those timelines are impossible to predict. My main concern this offseason has been communicating what Tua needs from his head coach and his offensive coaching staff, which is what things can we identify to continue the progression of your game the same way that we have since Day 1.”

Tua sucks is never going away

Just how much it will cost to sign Tua is another matter. “I’m going to let my agents, Chris, Mike, let those guys talk about that and let them move forward accordingly,” Tagovailoa said.

While Tua sucks definitely seems to be an idea that will never leave the minds of a certain type of fan, there is no doubt that the knowledgable fan doesn’t share this narrative.

Despite leading the league in a number of categories in 2023 the fact that some fans still can’t accept that Tagovailoa is the Dolphins franchise QB is slightly disturbing. While there are many different ways to evaluate QB’s it’s highly likely those fans don’t have the same opinion of Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow or any other number of QB’s who haven’t won a Super Bowl.

“In football, there’s a lot of things that can happen. There’s also a lot of things you can control,” McDaniel said. “I think one of the best examples of taking control over your career is what Tua was able to do through training and being able to experience all the different things — I mean, shoot, experience a playoff for the first time in his career.”

“That was afforded to him because he was able to be leading the team, week in, week out. These are things that weren’t necessarily assumed he was capable of doing. But like most things that Tua has done in his career, he’s recognized that and proved doubters wrong.”

Expect Tua’s new long-term deal to be close to $50-million per year.

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