Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Three takeaways from Dolphins 48-20 loss

After the Dolphins thrashing of the Broncos last week, people were starting to think the Dolphins were unbeatable. Buffalo put those ideas to bed in a hurry, racking up points and shutting down the Dolphins offence in ways that hadn’t been seen this season.

Bud how bad was it? How worried, or not, should Dolphins fans be? Let’s find out in our three takeaways from the game.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but HC Mike McDaniel just might need to change up some of his schemes. That’s not to say they don’t work, or won’t work, or that I know more than literally any part of him. But the Bills took the Patriots schemes against Miami and took it up a notch.

Playing palms most of the way gave Tua very little action on his deep ball and kept everything in front of the defence. As things started to be more grindy, if you will, Tua seemed to get a little frustrated and the Miami offence ground to a halt.

Clearly the Broncos game was somewhat of an aberration, while clearly deserved and brilliantly executed it was against a bad team. And that doesn’t detract from the historic demolition, it just says we need to stay more realistic.


I’ve been a massive fan of Vic Fangio’s over the years, and there can be no-one on the planet that doesn’t understand he is a massive upgrade over previous DC Josh Boyer, who incidentally remains unemployed from an NFL perspective (no surprise there). But it’s taking a while for this unit to fully grasp and execute what Fangio wants.

The defence has given up 119-points in 4 games. That’s bad. Real bad. With games against the Eagles and Chiefs in the not too distant future that has to change or this season could be an epic let down.


The former UDFA has received a lot of hype, too much in reality. Kohou has been forced to play outside this year with the absence of Jalen Ramsey, and he was found totally wanting in the Dolphins biggest game of the season so far. Facing Stefon Diggs he gave up 101 yards and 2 touchdowns.

It was on the scale of Noah Igbinoghene’s debacle against the same player.

Kohou is a very good slot corner, he is not an outside corner, and definitely not up to coverage of a teams best receiver. Expect the Dolphins to make adjustments going forward as they look to find a safer option on the outside, and move Kohou back to where he is more able.

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