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The Dilemma Of The Miami Dolphins’ 3rd Overall Pick

The Miami Dolphins possess the third overall pick despite a 10-6 season via the Houston Texans, thanks to the Laremy Tunsil trade and Houston’s poor 2020.

It is rare of a team to have a good season but yet such a high draft pick. This brings about a dilemma as to what the Miami Dolphins should do with this pick. How should they approach this? Here are three options that they could take.


The Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets are expected to draft quarterbacks with the first and second overall picks. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa flattered to deceive during his rookie season in 2020 as it became clear that the franchise needs some weapons at the wide receiver position.

Number one wideout DeVante Parker struggled to build on his breakout 2019 campaign and the next best option was tight end Mike Gesicki.

There are plenty of options in the NFL Draft. Heismann trophy winner DeVonta Smith is being talked about the most as a result of his performances in 2020. He has already played with Tua during their time together at Alabama.

Smith may have won the Heismann but LSU receiver Ja’Marr Chase is just as good. Chase opted out of the 2020 season but his stats in 2019 are not too dissimilar to those recorded by Smith in 2020.

The Atlanta Falcons have the fourth pick and are likely to take a quarterback or cornerback. The Cincinnati Bengals are at number five in the draft and may look to get an offensive tackle to help protect quarterback Joe Burrow to avoid a repeat of the injury suffered by the rookie in 2020. Philadelphia has the sixth pick and will be eager for a wide receiver. The Dolphins could trade down and use the sixth pick and then take either Smith or Chase.

Jaylen Waddle, another Alabama wideout, could be an option with the Dolphins’ later draft pick should Miami take another route with the third pick.


One of these routes could be taking offensive tackle Penei Sewell with the third overall pick and taking a wide receiver through free agency.

Wide receivers such as Chris Godwin and Allen Robinson are likely to be available in free agency. These two would provide something that Smith and Chase lack, NFL experience. Sewell looks like a brilliant prospect and it could be a regret to miss out on Sewell to get a player in a position that can be taken in free agency.

Star wide receivers are far more expendable than star offensive tackles as these are rarer finds.

The Oregon Duck offensive lineman played the part of his college career in front of Justin Herbert, who was taken one place below the Dolphins and the Chargers quarterback had an excellent rookie season that won him Rookie of the Year.

Taking Sewell would offer great protection for several years, no matter which quarterback is playing under centre.


This is the most interesting one. Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has requested a trade, a story that has dominated the offseason so far.

Watson has been linked with numerous teams but the three teams that seem to be talked about the most are the Jets, Carolina Panthers and the Dolphins. In a season that was disrupted by a lack of preseason, would Miami move off Tua after just one season? Yes, they easily could.

We saw with the benching of Ryan Fitzpatrick for Tua that the Dolphins organisation aren’t afraid to make tough decisions. There has been talk that Miami attempted to trade up for the Cincinnati Bengals’ first overall pick in the 2020 draft and anonymous players have said they were not impressed or seeing anything special from Tagovailoa.

Tua has been benched twice and the team immediately looked better whenever Fitzpatrick replaced him. Except for the Arizona Cardinals win in week 9, Tua was not the reason for any Miami win.

He seemed afraid to throw the ball deep and often looked lost in the pocket. Several members of the Dolphins fanbase feel that Miami would be giving up a lot to get Watson.

In reality, unlike the Jets, the Miami roster is not too far off being a Super Bowl contender. In 2020, the defense excelled, tight end Mike Gesicki proved to be one of more underrated in his position across the league and running back Myles Gaskin had a promising year.

Wide receiver and quarterback were the two positions that caused the most concern throughout the 2020 season. Draft picks are great on paper but are not guaranteed to work out.

Miami should consider giving away their 2021 first-round picks, including the third overall pick and throw in a couple of second-round or third-round picks to see whether this is enough.

If not then perhaps they could throw in a first-rounder from 2022. Tua could be given to Houston but it is reported that they do not want him. Xavien Howard is the one player most talked about as a player to be sent to the Texans. The 2020 interception leader would be a miss without a doubt but Deshaun Watson is too good an opportunity to turn down.

Whichever option Miami go down, they will all help progress this franchise. In my opinion, I would go all out and get Watson. If Miami keep the third pick then Sewell should be the player taken, with a wide receiver picked up either in Free Agency or a later pick.

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