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Rookie Watch – Week 2 Vs Buffalo Bills (Home)

ROOKIE WATCH GAME DAY 2 – Buffalo Bills (Home)

A quick recap of last week, and there where some hits and misses in my bold predictions, Holland didn’t get 2 passes defensed, but didn’t give up a deep touchdown, Eichenberg didn’t get a pancake, got a penalty and gave up a sack, and Phillips didn’t really turn up last week, but Jaylen Waddle… DAMN! He outperformed my bold prediction is accredited with 80 yards and 1 Touchdown, so I’ll take that one in the win column for me.

This week offensively, we could see some similar production with a shallow defensive back unit by the Bills with only 9 accredited defensive backs, compared to Miami’s 13. Buffalo also love to use 4 – 5 wide receiver sets, and empty backfield sets too, so there is an added pressure on Jalen Phillips to perform to his own high standards to create that undesigned pressure on Josh Allen Miami so desperately need this week.

Jaylen Waddle – Wide Reciever #17

Will Fuller V is no longer suspended but is away for an indefinite time and some of the WR room carrying some knocks from the last game, I fully expect Jaylen Waddle to be back in the limelight and creating more explosive plays. Players like Waddle find a way to create some effect on the game and get into the endzone, so I fully expect him back in there again this week. He’ll more than likely take up the slot receiver role and be up against a defensive unit lacking in depth, and could use his speed and the Miami heat and humidity to his own advantage.

Bringing the Tuscaloosa connection in New England, I fully expect it back in Miami this week

Bold Prediction For The Game: 1 Receiving Touchdown, 100 yards receiving.

Jaylen Waddle scoring his first NFL career touchdown vs New England last week – credit: AL.com

Jalen Phillips – Defensive End/Linebacker #15

Where were you last week Jalen? In his defense, it probably isn’t the team you want to play in your debut NFL match, a solid Patriots O line, who will have 1 or 2 tight ends on the field for added support. This week will be different, still a good O line to battle, but a low percentage of time with 1 to 2 tight ends, so if he can beat his guy and create some undesigned pressure, which could be a big theme of the game for Miami’s defence, he can be thrusted into the spotlight and potentially have a big impact in the outcome of this key AFC East game.

My predicition is for Jalen to use last week’s performance as motivation and to bring the talent to familiar settings in Hard Rock stadium, and have a big bounce back game.

Bold Prediction For The Game: 2 Sacks, 1 Tackle For Loss.

Liam Eichenberg – Offensive Line #74

It was a rough week for Liam against a very sturdy Patriots Defence and the ever stalwart Bill Belicheck, and despite the penalty and sack given, he played ok considering he was on the opposite side of the line that he is used to. To put in perspective of what that is like, imagine trying to handwrite an essay with your weaker hand, you can do it, but it takes time to get used to.

Hopefully we see Liam in his favoured position in the offensive line, but with no major injuries reported, and the coaching staff taking a one game at a time approach, we could see Liam in a reduced capacity role against Buffalo, not to say that he deserves less playing time, but in order for him to get fully acclimated with the team and what the coaches want him to do, it a big possibility.

Bold Predicition For The Game:  0 sacks given, 0 penalties, considerable paying time.

Jevon Holland – Free Safety #22

Overall, I think Holland did well last game, no touchdowns going over his head and some good and clear communication. Now we didn’t see the ball hawking ability that has been raved on about in camp, but with Buffalo liking to air the ball out and having 4 to 5 wide receivers on the pitch at any given time, we could see a lot more game time for the 2nd round pick.

He shouldn’t be shadowing Stefon Diggs, I fully expect a tight man converage on him with Xavien Howard, he could though be against smart receivers like Cole Beasley, and combine that with Josh Allen’s gun-ho approach last week, I do like him to catch a few eyes against Buffalo. That’s why there is only a small prediction change this week, with the addition of him getting his first NFL career interception.

Bold Predicition For The Game: No deep touchdown passes given, 2 Passes defensed, 1 INT

Jevon Holland tackling Jonnu Smith vs New England last week causing him to flip over – credit: Sports Illustrated

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the second edition of Rookie Watch, and hopefully we see these predictions come true this week!

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