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Rookie Watch – Game 7 vs Atlanta Falcons

DOLPHINS GAME DAY 6 – Jacksonville Jaguars (Away – London)

Well that didn’t go to plan… we all expected a win, and it was snatched away from a team who hadn’t made a field goal all year. Tua played well and would want a couple throws back, and as he said in his press conference “It doesn’t matter how I played, we lost”, but that was all swept under the rug with Watson rumours resurfacing again (convenient eh…). Lacking key players on both offence and defence didn’t help but this was a game we should have won, so it is safe to say if the hot seat for Coach Flo and GM Chris Grier was warm, it’s scalding hot now.

On to Atlanta we go though.

Rookie Watch: Jaylen Waddle – Wide Receiver #17

I wasn’t too far off my bold prediction, and with Jaylen Waddle, I’m getting kind of good at predicting this now. 2 touchdowns and 70 yards receiving against Jacksonville is a great stat line, and it could have been a lot better if he was used more in between the 2nd and 3rd quarter. This was his best game as a Miami Dolphin, and that Alabama chemistry is big to this offence, and hopefully going forward too.

Atlanta have given up 244 yards of passing offence per game and an average of 7.5 yards per play, one which could light up the eyes of Waddle with Fuller out of the picture again, and Parker limited in his training this week. Despite the ranking Atlanta’s defence, this could be a good game for Waddle, and they need it to be if Miami want to win this game

Bold Prediction For The Game: 0 Receiving Touchdowns, 100 yards receiving.

Credit: Associated Press – Ian Wolton

Rookie Watch: Jaelen Phillips – Defensive End/Linebacker #15

Man, he was close! Whilst the stats of Phillips don’t shine with no sack last week and 2 total tackles and 2 assists against Jacksonville, the dude put in a shift in and was everywhere, around the quarterback, and tackling guys on the other side of the play, it is a side of him that hasn’t had praise yet.

After a poor team result last week in London, he will want to bounce back and make a mark against another NFC South team and aim for another sack, to which I think he will do. Atlanta have only had 2 rushing touchdowns all season, given up 9 sacks and averaged 91 yards of rushing a game, so if Phillips can put pressure on Matt Ryan and force them to run, this could be a good day for Miami

Bold Prediction For The Game: 1 Sack, 2 solo tackle

Rookie Watch: Liam Eichenberg – Offensive Line #74

Only the 2nd game this year that the offensive line hasn’t been changed around and in those two games it has looked better. It isn’t hard to look better from the Swiss cheese inspired line that we had at the start of the year though, but progress is progress. This wasn’t Liam’s best day out. Penalty, 5 pressures and getting put on his butt by Josh Allen. However, Tua took no sacks and got over 300 yards of passing yards, so all in all, it could be worse.

He will look to have a better performance as he starts to settle into his role of LT for the 3rd straight game, and against some good opponents too. The Atlanta defensive line has had 8 sacks this year, but also allowed 4.3 yards per rush, 5 rushing touchdowns and an average of over 100 yards of rushing per game this season. This can be a get right game for Liam and the rest of the Miami offensive line.

Bold Prediction For The Game:  3 pressures allowed. 0 Sacks given.

Rookie Watch: Jevon Holland – Free Safety #22

There are not enough superlatives that I can say that can describe Jevon Holland. Despite a stupidly questionable penalty, he had 4 solo tackles and 2 assisted tackles last week and was everywhere. He lined up predominantly at FS and you saw some good communication from him, even lining up for a couple safety blitzes and getting close to home.

After seeing him in the flesh, his high motor, this dude has exceeded expectations so far for me and which originally had me questioning the initial pick in the draft, I’m ready to say that he may be the best pick of this year’s draft for Miami and one that we could count on in the future and ready to put the team on his back, unlike now Steeler… Minkah Fitz-who now?

Arguably this will be a harder game for him unlike Jacksonville. Kyle Pitts, Patterson, Ridley and wily QB vet Matt Ryan, this could be a lot of passing so he will need to keep shining and then shine some more against Atlanta. I keep predicting a pick, and it never happens, so let’s see if I predict he doesn’t he then does get a pick.

Bold Prediction For The Game: 0 INT, 6 tackles.

Credit: Bob Dechiara USA Today

And that will do us for another week of Rookie Watch! Let’s hope for a better match and outcome for our Miami Dolphins and that we get close to some more bold predictions! FINS UP!

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