Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Raheem Mostert ready to smash 1,000 yards

Dolphins rusher Raheem Mostert is just 34-yards away from 1,000 rushing yards in 2023. For a player often discarded by other teams, Mostert’s recent form has made him one of the best stories in Miami’s fun season.

“It’ll mean a lot,” Mostert said. “Being a running back, that’s always the goal is to try to get 1,000 and break that 1k. But I try not to think about it and just go out there play the game. I know I got 34 yards left I got to accomplish, but all in all, I’m just ready to play this game.”

“What makes him him is the chip on his shoulder that he uses for a competitive advantage never goes away,” head coach Mike McDaniel said. “So, he finds in one way, shape or form to find his formula, which is that no one thinks he’s good enough ever. That’s the way he looks at it. You got to understand the stuff that he’s gone through in his career is real. That would break most people. So it doesn’t surprise me.”


“In his past, you could see the speed, but he had the physical element,” offensive coordinator Frank Smith said. “Now it’s one of those things that when you work with the guy, you can see his passion for the game, and how so many parts as his career went. He has that natural chip on his shoulder ready to play every day. I think it’s just part of his running style. You saw a lot of the speed in the past, but now you’re seeing him really showcasing who he is. We, as a staff, can’t say enough about him and what he brings to this football team, and who he is as a man. He is what you look for in football players.”

Age may be working against Mostert now, but he thinks it may be an advantage.

“I keep hearing these chatters about age and everything,” Mostert said. “Obviously, my age isn’t stopping anything. I’m just trying to set the standard for a group of guys who want to come in and feel like if you want to be a 31-, 32-year-old running back, it’s OK. You can go out here and still produce at a high level because obviously I’m doing that at an exceptional rate. It’s just a lot of fun and I’m having fun doing it.”

It’s funny to look back at all the talking heads on twitter before the season talking up Jonathan Taylor, or Dalvin Cook, or Derrick Henry and saying how badly the Dolphins needed that stud running back. The disrespect, even from his own teams fans has been shocking at times. Everyone thought they knew better. But Raheem Mostert has that dog in him, and has put all those Twitter fools to shame this season.

This season Mostert has more yards than all those other RB’s the fools wanted, and he has set the Dolphins franchise record for touchdowns, and taken his boyhood idol’s Dolphins rushing touchdowns record.

“I drove back to my hometown and me and my brother got to hang out at the park and we started reminiscing about life,” Mostert said. “There was a time we both wore Ricky Williams’ jersey at one point when we were younger. So to be able to break that record, it’s so surreal for both him and I. We looked up to Ricky when we were younger.”

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