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Denver Broncos (A) – Our Predictions

As our Miami Dolphins prepare to face the Denver Broncos they are pretty good eh? Never thought I’d say that this season, we’ve won five in a row, a feat not achieved since 2016 which was the last time the Fins made the playoffs. Tua Tagovailoa can make history and become only the second rookie Quarterback to go 4-0 in their first four starts. If he does that the Dolphins will be tied for first place in the AFC East with the Buffalo Bills.

In his way are Vic Fangio’s 3-6 Denver Broncos, a team who are plagued with injuries and have a quarterback who turns the ball over, a lot. Drew Lock will be starting, having been questionable over the course of the week. To be honest with you, I’m not really sure it matters because all three QB’s the Broncos have are pretty much the same dude.

Can this defense make it sixteen straight games with a turnover? We’ll have to wait and see. Here are our predictions for the Miami Dolphins @ Denver Broncos game later this evening.


Shane – The superstitious person in me thinks the Dolphins have won the last 3 times I’ve predicted them to lose. But logically everything points to a Dolphins victory lol. I think the Dolphins defense will turn over the ball again in this game and Tua will have another solid but not spectacular outing.

I don’t think Lock has shown enough to worry the Dolphins and think the Broncos could struggle through the air. If the Dolphins can even somewhat stop the run I expect them to be victorious. Miami Dolphins 24-17 Denver Broncos

Jay – On paper, this should be an easy win but this is the NFL. Coming off the back of a 5 game winning streak confidence will be high but coach Flo will have drummed any complacency out of the team.

I think the Chargers are a better team so I can see a similar game plan to last weeks offensively, the ground game will be key to opening up the offense and giving Tua the freedom to throw the ball. Hopefully, Ahmed can follow up on his breakout game and Grant’s chemistry with Tua continues to grow.

Defensively Denver will probably utilise their run game more than they did against the Raiders and this is where I see the biggest threat. Although they have some great receivers, I trust our secondary to keep them quiet and hope that the pass rush confuses Lock into making multiple mistakes. I wouldn’t be surprised with a defensive score this week. Hopefully straightforward but you just never know… Miami Dolphins 31 Denver Broncos 24

Rich – As the confidence, form, and experience of this team grows week by week, there is plenty of cause for optimism around this Miami Dolphins team. Will this lead to complacency and overconfidence? I don’t think so. Flores doesn’t coach his players that way. One of the biggest aspects today could be turnovers. Denver turns the ball over around once in every 5 possessions and Miami’s defense has been prolific in winning the ball back for their offense.

The Dolphins are going to turn on the heat early once again, and canter to a comfortable victory, taking their foot off the gas in the fourth quarter. Miami Dolphins 35-18 Denver Broncos

Andy – For me this is easy, the Miami Dolphins will win this game. The Denver Broncos have disappointed this year, with Drew Lock not living up to expectation and the injuries suffered by the team. Miami’s running back Salvon Ahmed had a great game last Sunday and he can hopefully make the same impact in this game.

The Miami defense can get at Lock, which can help Tua if he struggles. Miami Dolphins 24-10 Denver Broncos

Me – I’ve predicted us to lose the last three games, and we’ve won all of them, so I’m half inclined to do the same. I do actually think we’ll win this however so I’m leaning towards predicting a dub. I still stand by what I say most weeks, if we get in front we’ll win the game, so that’ll be key.

We really don’t want to slip up, as we could be looking at this game as to why we didn’t make the playoffs. I believe Coach Flo will have the guys fired up however, so I doubt that’ll be a problem.

For fantasy purposes, I hope Mike Gesicki has a big day as we’re getting to crunch time. If I was to pick a stat line, I think Tua goes 17/28 for 180 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT, he’s going to throw one eventually. Miami Dolphins 28-24 Denver Broncos.

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