Sunday, February 25, 2024

Lynn Bowden Jr, the under appreciated WR

To me Lynn Bowden Jr is the epitome of a Brain Flores type player. From his Playing Style which is dependable, tough and versatile. To his personality of a good team player, who was also a team captain in college.

He has a promising future but is often overlooked by fans, maybe because he wasn’t drafted by the team. He’s still quite inexperienced playing WR with only 1 and half seasons learning his trade at Kentucky playing WR. He stepped in to the starting QB  role for half a season knowing it might affect his draft stock. He was a QB in high school, before being drafted by the Raiders.

During his rookie season Lynn Bowden Jr was listed on Lav Vegas roster as a RB but changed once he signed with the Dolphins to WR. So overall not a very experienced, WR even by rookie standards. When he starts the season he’ll only have had approx 2 and a half years playing WR.

His rookie preseason was made more difficult by Covid-19 restrictions ,as was every other rookies preseason; however he also had the added pressure of changing teams early in the season. A new playbook to learn and another cross country move topped off by what would appear to be a position change. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise it took him a little while to find his groove.

Once he did he showed great hands having committed no drops on the season, toughness with the Bengals game a great example of him not stepping away from a physical challenge. He showcased his versatility throughout the season by being used in a multitude of ways including being deployed in the Wildcat and trick plays. 


If the above highlights are Lynn Bowden Jr’s floor as an NFL player he’ll have himself a nice career as a dependable WR. He’s just lacking the big play highlights. Maybe with him being the 5/6th option and with the extra attention shown to others he’ll get more opportunities, when on the field. He’s also gots the opportunity to see the field for ST duties, ee was a punt returner for Kentucky.

There’s also plenty of trick plays and wildcat plays for him to make the odd appearance. He was awarded the Paul Hornung Award as the most versatile player in college football, whilst playing in the hardest division in football, the SEC. He also made the All-SEC team in 2018 as a all purpose/return specialist so he’s capable of making plays, The game just needs to slow down for him which I’m confident it will.

If you haven’t already I strongly recommend watching the Lynn Bowden Jr analysis video below  

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