Monday, January 18, 2021

Los Angeles Rams (H) – Our Predictions

We’re here, we’re finally, finally here. Tua Tagovailoa is about to make his first start as the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins vs the LA Rams. We’ve all been looking forward to this day since the Virtual NFL Draft back in April, and although rather controversially, that day has come.

So far the Miami Dolphins are 3-3 meaning that we are in the hunt for one of three wildcard spots on the AFC side of the NFL playoffs. Another team in the hunt, on the NFC side of the league, are the Los Angeles Rams who come to Hard Rock Stadium today.

Facing off against Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Michael Brockers and Leonard Floyd will be some first start for the rookie. In fact, the Rams are the number 2 defense in the league, in terms of points allowed. Anyway, you’re here to see how we think this matchup might pan out, so here you are.

Tua Tagovailoa will make his first NFL start vs the Los Angeles Rams
Tua Tagovailoa will make his first NFL start vs the Los Angeles Rams

Shane – This is the game that I have been most excited for as a Dolphins fan. Everyone is waiting to see what Tua can do in the NFL. Whilst the 2 week prep time will help, rookies do struggle to win straight away. I think we see some really bright things with some inconsistencies on Sunday, and the Dolphins fall just short. 24-21 LA Rams.

Jay – This one is a really hard one to call as I think both teams are very evenly matched on both sides of the ball. I think with Tua coming in we’ll embrace the RPO and I think Mike Gesicki will be heavily involved. I think the dominant defense will ultimately dictate who wins and I think ours is better but I don’t anticipate a high scoring game. Dolphins win 19-23

Rich – It’s a tough one to predict because we haven’t seen Tua at this level. Of course he could make a ton of mistakes and it could be a very steep learning curve, especially against some outstanding defensive players. I think the RPO plays will help us and Tua was declared by some as an absolute expert of the RPO game as he left College.

Factor in the short week for the Rams, their 4th trip from West to East already this season, plus our two-week break to get healthy and prepare…I think this means that the Dolphins will win. 28-22 in a close game. We’ll grind them down in the 4th quarter as they tire. 🙏

Andy – It’s officially Tua time. The fifth overall pick has a tough start to life as a starter against the Rams’ defense, particularly Aaron Donald who is the best defensive player in the league.This will be a tough first outing for Tua and the defense will need to find a way to distrupt the Rams play action.

The Miami defense had issues early on in the season stopping big plays and will need to make sure this doesn’t happen against the LA Rams and that receiver trio of Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Josh Reynolds. Whilst I think that Tua won’t be waiting too long for the first win as an NFL starter, I feel that this Rams defense will look to get at him and give Tua that ‘Welcome to the NFL moment.’ LA Rams 21-17 Miami Dolphins

Will Emmanuel Ogbah be on top form again?

Me – This is a tough one to call, if the Dolphins win this it’s a massive statement. But I don’t think Tua will win us this game, It’ll be the defense. Tua’s not going to light the world alight, he may throw like 1 TD, 1 INT. We rank 3rd in points allowed, so if we take the lead we may be able to hold off the LA Rams offense. I’m hoping e start with the ball and start fast, if so it’ll be a 21-20 Dolphins win.

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