Monday, April 15, 2024

Dolphins explosive RB De’Von Achane close to return

The Miami Dolphins have opened the 21-day window for the return of running back De’Von Achane.

Head Coach Mike McDaniel made the announcement in his press conference on Monday. The move comes as the Dolphins prepare to finish the season on a high note and secure their first AFC East crown since 2008.


“There wasn’t tearing, it was more of a strain-type injury,” McDaniel said Monday. “The thing that you do, if you really minimize the time off the field in these situations with players, is you throw a brace on the player and have them go. I just didn’t really envision him being one that would really flourish with a brace.

“So, we took the time to make sure we could get structurally completely strong. We probably erred on the side of caution with that, but everything seems ready to go for today’s practice.”

The Dolphins running attack has struggled somewhat since Achane went down with injury. That was partly due to the loss of his explosive running style, and also down to a rash of injuries that has hit the offensive line, with Hunt, Armstead, Jones, Williams, and Lamm all missing time in the same span.

Achane is the Dolphins second leading rusher, despite appearing in only 4 of the 9 games this season, and averages a staggering 12.1 yards per carry.

Raheem Mostert RB91096055.649611
De’Von Achane RB43846012.17665
Chris Brooks RB615946.35220
Salvon Ahmed RB719552.91001
Tua Tagovailoa QB923331.4800

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