Monday, April 15, 2024

Dolphins twitter more toxic in 2024?

The Miami Dolphins twitter fans have always been a little on the slow side, but recent talk of trading Jaylen Waddle shows just how low and clueless a portion of this fanbase have become.

Now the reason for this rant is the trade Jaylen Waddle debacle.

Dolphins fans need to get a clue

If you’re on the trade Jaylen Waddle train you should probably seek professional help and maybe watch a sport that’s more on your intellectual level, such as fiddly-winks, or penny-shove.

Since he was drafted in 2021, Waddle has 3,460 yards and 18 touchdowns. If you don’t realise that’s insanely good you are pretty much clueless. If you don’t understand that Tyreek Hill is retiring in a few seasons and Waddle will become even more important you’re even more clueless.

The Dolphins clearly may have some cap issues coming up, but the one thing you never do is trade away your best players unless you are in a tear-down, rebuild mode that the Dolphins are absolutely not in. (even then it’s debatable if you actually jettison your best players, but that’s for another day.)

Suffice to say, much as Tyreek Hill said in his tweet (see above) this is not happening and is “ludicrous”.

Please educate yourself.

I get the “Win Now crowd”, even though I fundamentally disagree with them. I don’t think you hire a head coach like Mike McDaniel who has no HC experience, and no real experience of calling plays and tell him he has to win a Super Bowl within 3 years if you know anything about football.

It makes no sense, but is definitely an example of the toxicity in this fan base at times. Waddle is just simply the latest iteration of the thought processes of people whose opinions really don’t deserve a platform. But that’s mostly what Twitter is these days.

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