Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dolphins still hoping for fans at games in 2020

Despite ever more terrifying COVID-19 figures, the Dolphins are still hoping for fans at games in 2020.

Speaking on Wednesday, Dolphins chief executive officer Tom Garfinkel stated he was still hopeful fans would attend games in 2020.

“We will be going to our fans saying if you are in any way at risk we don’t think you should come, assuming we are going to be playing with some level of fans — which at this point may or may not happen. It’s very uncertain. I am optimistic we will play with some fans and am hopeful about that.

Fans at games could be difficult

“Assuming that’s the case, we will recommend to fans who are anyway at risk not to come. Our season-ticket holders can rollover money into next year. They will be able to roll over and keep their tenure.

Garfinkel went on to describe the three situations the team was planning for. “A no-fans scenario, a socially distanced stadium scenario, which would be roughly 15,000 to 20,000 fans and then maybe a half-capacity scenario.

“We have all of those scenarios with a lot of details for each, different budgets for each. Things are changing daily. A few weeks ago, things were looking great and last few weeks things have changed”

Fans at games seems a long way off given the dramatic spike in cases we are seeing
Fans at games seems a long way off given the dramatic spike in cases we are seeing

Florida has seen cases continue to rise over the last few weeks, registering record numbers on almost every day last week. This week has seen a welcome decline, but with still over 6,000 positive tests per day, it is beginning to look less likely that the NFL will have an uninterrupted season in 2020.

Fans at games is what we all want to see, but the fans, players, and staff must be safe.

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