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NFL 2020 Draft: Dolphins on the right path at #5

With the NFL Draft 2020 just 9 days away, the Miami Dolphins have the most intriguing selection problem of any team in the NFL draft. Having thrown away last season to clean house and instill the correct culture the Dolphins are well placed to have a first-round for the ages.

With stories abound last season that the Dolphins were tanking for Tua, the Dolphins could likely stand pat and take the Alabama standout at with the fifth pick. This would leave them their two remaining first-round picks to strengthen the OL, add a RB, edge rusher, or more defensive help.

Six weeks into the 2019 season, with nearly every big name player ejected from Miami, this would’ve seemed like an ideal situation for the Fins. But with the latest injury to Tua Tagovailoa, is he still the best move with the Dolphins first pick.

Dolphins still flirting with other quarterbacks

Make no mistake, the Miami Dolphins have been throwing up all the smoke screens you could imagine. Jordan Love came to Miami for a visit just days before the nation went on lockdown.

Reports indicate inquiries have been made with the Bengals about trading for the number one pick so the Dolphins could presumably take LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. And the Dolphins have floated their love for Oregon passer Justin Herbert.

But Tua was always their guy, wasn’t he? Stories of the Dolphins being lukewarm on Tua at the combine made headlines across the country, but Miami came out straight away to say they were still hot for Tagovailoa.

Miami fans deserve some hope

As a Dolphins fan since 1983 it’s been a rough ride at times. Since Dan Marino retired it’s been a sad story at quarterback, and it feels like this is the season the front office finally address the glaring issue at quarterback.

Sure there have been flashes. Jay Fielder was a solid quarterback, Chad Pennington took us to the playoffs in ’08, and Tannehill was always on the verge of turning the corner. But most fans tolerated the opening 7 weeks of the 2019 season safe in the knowledge that 2020 would be different.

In 2020 we will finally get our franchise quarterback. And despite everything that has happened, and so many reasons not too, I think I finally trust the front office not to make a complete hash of this draft.

I think Chris Grier has a clue, although some of his decisions have been very questionable. Coach Flores has already won over almost every Dolphins fan, and his hand steering Grier in the right direction has me believing this is the year.

There won’t be any silly gambles and packaging first rounders to draft up and take Joe Burrow. Make no mistake even after a promising off-season Miami have a lot of holes to fill and need all of the picks from the first three rounds to help bolster this roster.

Dolphins rock out the first round

I’m a firm believer that part of the smokescreen is totally real. I think the Dolphins like Jordan Love, but he is a backup plan. The move with Love, to me, signals Miami will sit at the number 5 pick and see who falls.

If that is Tua Tagovailoa they will draft him in under 7 seconds, zoom allowing. Little avatar Tua will dance onto the stage and hug the digital commissioner for all he’s worth and Dolphins fans will go to bed happy as they add offensive line help later in the first round.

If the Chargers, Jaguars, or someone else move up, or the Lions, Redskins, or Giants pull a wildcard from the hat and take Tua, I think the Dolphins are happy with Herbert. And if we learned anything last season when the fans were chanting “trust the process”, getting a top-5 quarterback is trusting the process.

Personally, I think the only risk with Tua is using more than one pick on him. Yes he’s had serious injuries, but every player in the NFL draft is a risk. You never know what will happen, or how a young man will react to becoming an overnight millionaire.

Using a number five pick on arguably the best quarterback talent in the last three drafts is a no-brainer regardless of injuries.

And if both Tua and Herbert have gone by the fifth pick, the Dolphins can always take Love at 18, or Jacob Eason or Jalen Hurts in the second round. With three picks in this first round, Miami can continue building a roster that will compete for years to come.

And for the first time in many years, the Dolphins will finally feel like they’re on the right track.

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