Friday, July 19, 2024

Dolphins head coach puts positive spin on 24 FA

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel has looked to put a positive spin on the teams significant loss of talent over the first few weeks of free agency.

“I’m very, very proud of the orchestration, particularly between the coaching staff and the personnel department,” McDaniel said Monday at the NFL’s annual owners meeting. “Let’s not fake the funk and act like it was an easy problem to solve — we’re always solving the problem of roster and trying to make it better. But I saw an orchestration of multiple people on all fronts being very communicative.”

“I think we found really, really good players that really want to play for the Miami Dolphins organization.” He added: “I think I’m very fired up about the individuals that have come in the building since the league year started and that are all about pushing us forward into 2024 because we have exciting things to do and big goals to accomplish.”

Dolphins have added bodies

“You kind of evolve to where your opportunities are,” he said. “That’s where you have to stay at at this point, where you have to be very calculated in free agent acquisitions. And you have to make decisions not based upon necessarily position as much as team impact with your draft picks.”

“I think everybody’s individual expectations are extremely high,” he said. “The more people lower their expectations, it’s kind of erroneous or irrelevant. But I know that starting April 15 [beginning of offseason workout program], guys are very, very hungry to deliver on what they know, which is an opportunity to be on a team that has the ability to grow from what we’ve learned last year and what we went through and have zero thought as to …. rebuilding, whatever those words are.”

The Dolphins have been constrained by previous decisions made by this coaching staff and GM Chris Grier, and have actually been helped by this seasons unprecedented increase in the cap number.

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