Sunday, April 14, 2024

Dolphins baffling move for OBJ in 2024

Say what you want about the Miami Dolphins needing WR’s that can win, depth at the position, or just downright stats, the move for OBJ is baffling and a massive contradiction.

Head coach Mike McDaniel confirmed the move at the owners meeting, “We did make him an offer, and business takes time, especially with players such as Odell, who’s had a phenomenal career, still has really good football in front of him and has options. So, I think those conversations will be ongoing. We’ll see where they go.”

One must presume that GM Chris Grier will now set about restructuring contracts and the like to try and make room for OBJ, despite the glaring needs at other positions.

The Dolphins want what now?

So don’t get me confused. OBJ is a great player, and has been on all FOUR of his teams. And in fairness to him, his ego only messed up the first two of those opportunities. But the Dolphins don’t need another high-priced WR1.

Now maybe Beckham will be cheaper this time…or not. In 2023 he earned $15 million playing for the Ravens, who then cut him because they didn’t want to commit another $50 million to this cause.

Plus Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said this of the OBJ situation, “It was just more financial. Just from a number standpoint, probably as much from we’re at, we’re in a tight set cap-type situation and kind of was a mutual understanding I think that way.”

So don’t expect OBJ to be cheap.

And with that in mind, the Dolphins have $31.3-million tied up in Hill and $8.7-million tied up in Waddle for the 2024 season. Even if OBJ was only $7-million, the Dolphins would be shelling out $47-million on three WR’s and also entertaining a $50-million a year extension for their star QB.

When you factor in the other WR on the Dolphins roster that would take their cap spend to $55-million in 2024 (per spotrac). Highest in the NFL, with only two other teams, Seahawks and 49ers, over $50-million. And a whopping 21% of the salary cap just on WR.

Which would beg the question…if you need $55-million worth of WR is your QB worth $50m+?

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