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Dolphins 2020 draftees: Robert Hunt is a mauler

Robert Hunt has one of those stories that tells you just the kind of man you are drafting, and he makes you understand that he will work his butt off for you. At 6’5% and 336 pounds, this is a man you want on your side in the trenches, and while he is a little raw, Miami Dolphins fans will love him from the out.

Born in a town of 450 residents named Wiergate in Texas, Robert Hunt didn’t have an easy upbringing. His mother had cervical cancer, and he lived in a room with 6 of his relatives. He lived a hard childhood, but never lost his smile, and never stopped working.

At 9 his family were evacuated from the path of Hurricane Rita, didn’t move back home for two years, and when they did their trailer was uninhabitable. They moved to a house with holes in the floor and rats in the walls.

“I was very blessed,” Robert remembered. “I had nothing to complain about.”

Robert Hunt is a happy mauler

All this has made Robert Hunt the man he is today. He is strong and powerful and will fight for what he wants, but always with a smile on his face. A four-year starter at Louisiana-Lafayette. While he played mostly at tackle he likely moves to guard in the NFL because of his footwork issues.

He is somewhat of a project, his movement is good, but his footwork is not. While he could get away with this in college, pro-players will expose him as he has a tendency to over-balance. With good coaching the footwork will come.

He is, however, very athletic and needs to learn a little patience in his pass blocking. In his desire to hit defenders he can get a little aggressive in going after his blocks, and with his footwork lacking this can lead to him getting beaten around the edge.

What you can’t teach is that never say die, mean streak this kid has. He like to put defensive linemen on the ground, and in a hurry. In short and tight spaces he is an absolute beast who will flatten anyone who gets in his way.

Draft analyst Jordan Reid had this to say on Robert Hunt: “Hunt isn’t a blocker that is simply satisfied with staying in front of his assignment and the play ending there. He loves to take it to the next level and leave a dent in whoever he’s blocking.”

With his raw skills and his ability to learn give him a very high ceiling, which has been common across the players the Dolphins have drafted this year. He isn’t the finished product, but most players coming out of college aren’t.

What separates Hunt from a lot of his fellow draftees is that belief that he has in himself, and God, that he will do everything he can do get where he wants. And he will flatten anyone who gets in his way on the field. High character, high motor.

This is a kid Dolphins fans will love and he will make a lot of pancake blocks and a lot of highlight film. But dont expect him to be perfect from day one, because he needs work. But from what we know of Robert Hunt, he will put in the work, and he will always have a smile on his face.

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