Monday, April 15, 2024

Do the Dolphins need it bad enough?

The Dolphins season is over. After much genuine hope from longterm and new-stan fans, this season was one of the most painful, over-hyped experiences we’ve had in many years.

Miami beat up on some bad teams early. Lit up the stats columns, played some exciting ball. Come the end of the season they couldn’t do it against good teams.

Here’s Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel after the game.

“We knew they were going to put a lot of attention toward our receivers,” McDaniel said. “We thought we had the right plan and obviously it wasn’t, and hats off to them for executing their plan in the most important time.”

Yes of course Mike, when you target one of your top-two receivers on 50.2% of your throws like the Dolphins do good teams are going to know where the ball is going. In this game it was lower, just 35.1%, but a lot of that seems to have been because the Chiefs took away what the Dolphins wanted to do.

Dolphins ideas were stale at the tale end of the season

It wasn’t a plan as such. It was Tua looks down the field, sees option 1 covered, checks it down. And to be fair that’s been the playbook most of the season, it’s just that it works better against bad teams.

Put a good team against this offence and they shut down much more of the big, chunk plays. It’s not rocket science that you need to be more creative, play better, against better teams.

The Dolphins defence under DC Vic Fangio has got better as the season has gone on. The Chiefs games wasn’t their finest hour, but it was a performance that would’ve been competitive if the offence had done, well, anything.

The Dolphins had only two drives over 30 yards. TWO.

There’s been a lot of talk about how Mike McDaniel has bought the fun back to Miami. Well that’s swell isn’t it? But what about the dog? Where’s the dog that needs to win this game, where was he when you needed to beat the Bills at home so you didn’t have to face the Chiefs in Kansas City in the dead of winter?

McDaniel has a lot to prove next season. As does Tua.

Win the big games. Fight.

Miami DolphinsKansas City Chiefs
1st Downs1325
Passing 1st downs814
Rushing 1st downs58
1st downs from penalties03
3rd down efficiency1-126-15
4th down efficiency3-61-1
Total Plays5975
Total Yards264409
Total Drives1110
Yards per Play4.55.5
Yards per pass4.66.4
Interceptions thrown10
Sacks-Yards Lost2-110-0
Rushing Attempts1834
Yards per rush4.24.3
Red Zone (Made-Att)0-02-6
Fumbles lost01
Interceptions thrown10
Defensive / Special Teams TDs00

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