Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Brian Flores shows his leadership, again

At a time when the world seems to be literally falling apart, Brian Flores has stepped to the plate and once again shown how he so quickly commanded the men in his locker room. After the brutal and disgusting murder of George Floyd, Minneapolis, and much of America has been outraged.

But the silence of a certain section of the media has also rung loud in the ears of coach Flores. On Friday he called for all those voices to be heard now, at a time when the country needs to come together as one.

At a time when their opinions are needed for us to move forward, to finally begin to right the wrongs of decades, and centuries. We have come a long way in so many regards, but in many more, we are still in the dark ages.

Brian Flores leads, it’s what he does

Brian Flores statement courtesy of @miamidolphins
Brian Flores statement courtesy of @miamidolphins

Brian Flores may ‘only’ be a football coach, but he speaks from the heart, and he leads his men. Because you don’t need to lead as much in the easy times, you’re needed in the hard times.

Last season with the Dolphins at 0-7, and the media unanimously declaring Miami were in full tanking mode, Brian Flores stepped up at every press conference and shared passionately that we were trying to win every game.

Did the media listen? Of course not. When the Dolphins finished at 5-11 did Brian Flores get lauded for his performance with a squad of players the media deemed not good enough for most team’s practice squads? Don’t be silly.

But that’s kind of the point. Brian Flores led his time, not in the spotlight, but in the real world. These are young men, and coach Flores is a young man himself, but his integrity is constantly shining through on the field and off.

You may feel this opinion has no business being on a Dolphins site, and you may be right. But some things transcend the sporting world and bring us together, and drive us forward. At least that has to be the hope.

While this may not be a football issue, it affects the young men who play this game, coach, this game and watch this game. Many in South Florida may have mixed feelings about Colin Kaepernick, but he shone a light on injustice in America, that many people still turn a blind eye to.

Because make no mistake, it is a conscious decision. We’ve all seen too many incidents to not understand the gravity of this situation. George Floyd is just the latest in a far too long line of disgusting abuses of power. And until we collectively stop turning a blind eye to it, it will continue.

And all those pundits and experts who felt so compelled to comment on Kaepernick’s protest are all to obviously silent now. When it matters the most.

When there’s no money to be made, but justice to be had.

They fall silent.

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