Monday, April 15, 2024

AFC East Watch: Tua returns to winning ways week 7

Tua Tagovailoa graces the AFC East watch for week 7 as the Dolphins starting QB returned after that scary-looking concussion in Cincinnati. He wasn’t at his sparkling best but any doubts about whether he’s the Dolphins clear number one have been extinguished.

AFC East Watch: Bills on bye week 5-1

The Bills have been the Bills so far this season. They look really good at times, but still beatable. The Dolphins beat them in week 3 so there’s nothing to be afraid of when the two meet again.

That said, the Bills are the pick of the AFC East right now and look all round the team to beat. Which we did. So suck it.

Jets are in second place, but no one knows how 5-2

It’s hard to understand the Jets really. Their defence has been pretty good ranking 10th for scoring defence. But their offence just stinks ranking 22nd on yards per game. Robert Saleh has the defence cooking, but seems to have little in the way of answers on offence.

Zach Wilson has not looked like a QB that’s taking that second-year leap, and with Breece Hall down for the season the running attack will be weaker going forward. Robinson will help, but Hall was looking special.

Dolphins back to winning ways 4-3

It’s been an odd first seven games as a Dolphins fan. So many highs and lows and we end up where we always seem to be at around-about-500. It’s frustrating as hell, especially when the offence shows sparks of greatness with Tua at QB.

Ranking just 19th on scoring offence is not where I had hoped we would be, and the defence, 23rd on scoring defence, has regressed as I feared may happen this year.

I get that Tua has been hurt, but he has never played a full season at QB so that’s no surprise, but the Dolphins have broken through the 21 point mark just once this season and have a -18 point differential.

AFC East Watch: Patriots suck 3-4

Mac Jones has regressed in his second year and he wasn’t that special in his first. Benched in favour of fourth-round pick Bailey Zappe in a shocking loss to the Bears has to be the low-point for the Pats so far this season.

AFC East: Patriots Mac Jones regressing in year two

With Bill Belichick at the helm the Pats will always boast a strong defence, but the offence is a mess, although they actually have 8 more points than Miami to this point.

Joins us again next week for another whistle-stop tour of the greatest division in football.

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