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AFC East Watch: Dolphins back on track in week 8

The AFC East is a very different beast when the Dolphins have Tua Tagovailoa at QB. Week 8 is in the books so let’s take a look round at the state of the AFC East after another round of games.

AFC East Watch: Bills punish Packers

The Bills could just be the best all-round team in the NFL right now. In a thoroughly dominant first half they put up points with ease and harried Rodgers mercilessly. Allen looks to be improving by the week, but he still has that arrogance that threatened to derail the Bills in the second half.

Things seem to be building towards that Dolphins Bills rematch the only question is whether the Dolphins can close that gap to one game before heading to Buffalo.

The Dolphins Bills rivalry is looking like building back to those epic days of Marino vs Kelly again.

AFC East Watch: Dolphins offense marching, defence reeling

With Tua Tagovailoa back at the helm there almost seems no stopping the Dolphins offence. Waddle and Hill work in tandem brilliantly even though the running game has really never taken off.

Yes it was just the Lions, but this was the closest the Dolphins have come to a complete offensive game all season and it was great to watch. The only question was whether the defence would ever stop Jared Goff.

AFC East Watch: Dolphins Waddle and Hill tame Lions
AFC East Watch: Dolphins Waddle and Hill tame Lions

There will be plenty of questions about the Dolphins defence heading into week 9, but there’s literally no chance of Justin Fields scoring enough points to beat a Tua led Dolphins. If the defence can stop Fields then Boyer should probably be replaced before he sets foot on the plane.

AFC East Watch: Jets ground but profligate Zach Wilson

We’ve already commented this season that the Jets defence is much, much improved this term and they are probably only a QB away from being genuinely dangerous.

Zach Wilson proved that once again as the Jets remained largely competitive against the Patriots despite him throwing another 3 picks. Bill Belichick absolutely loves playing against Zach Wilson.

It brought back memories of Sam Darnold seeing ghosts. Not memories the Jets fans will want, but something that will definitely concern them about Wilson’s long term viability.

Patriots rebound from ugly Bears loss

The Patriots bounced back from one of the worst performances they’ve put in for many a year with a solid outing against Wilson and the Jets. The Patriots are not contenders this season, and I’m not sure they will ever be genuine contenders with Mac Jones at QB.

New England give me serious Dolphins with Ryan Tannehill at QB vibes with Mac Jones in the game. Much like Tannehill, Jones may not cost you the game but he won’t be able to go out and win you one very often either. Everything else has to be working around him for him to put up that W.

Join us again next week for another run around the best division in football.

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