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As much as the Dolphins have looked great for a lot of this season the glaring facts against good teams is starting to get worrying. With the Dolphins falling to their third loss, all against teams with a winning record, how worried should fans be?


The Dolphins have the NFL’s best offence, but that is predicated largely on the strength of the opposition. Miami averages 498 yards per game against teams with losing records, but only 310 against teams with a winning record. Or 39 points per game against bad teams and only 17 per game against good teams.

As much as we can say that doesn’t matter it really does. Obviously the playoffs are where the important things happen, and none of those games against winning teams this season has happed in South Florida. So that will definitely make a difference. But when you haven’t beaten a team with a winning record since week 3 2022 a 6-game span, you need to take that seriously.

This was the first time in 40 games the Dolphins were shut-out in the first half, and were without a single third-down conversion, 0-5, and only 110-yards of total offence. Their longest offensive drive was 6 plays for 38-yards. Their only other 38-yard drive ended with Tyreek Hill’s fumble being returned for a touchdown.

The second half was much better with adjustments, including actually running the ball, but still not what we expect from the NFL’s number one offence. Only two scores, one on a short field after a defensive turnover.


Too much of the buildup was about Tyreek Hill’s revenge/rematch whatever. For Hill to say it wasn’t about revenge but he wanted to shout at Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid “You shouldn’t have traded me” at the end of the game is the total antithesis of what this team is supposed to be. A TEAM.

It’s not all about Hill, or Tua, or Waddle, Wilkins, Ramsey, Howard, or ANYONE. It’s a team. It’s Dolphins. Or at least it usually is. This was the Tyreek Hill ego show, and he’s fumble for a TD was the final nail in this game for the Dolphins.


It wasn’t perfect but Vic Fangio’s defence started to look like the upgrade we were all expecting. Allowing two scores across the Chiefs fist seven drives, the defence looked much tighter and more aggressive up front in large part thanks to having starting corners Xavien Howard and Jalen Ramsey on the field together for the first team this season.

Having good corners is essential to this defence and the difference was night and day compared to what we have seen so far this season. The second half was even better than the first, taking a turnover to give the offense a short field. Couple that with shutting the Chiefs out second half and this unit deserved to win.

Miami DolphinsKansas City Chiefs
1st Downs2016
Passing 1st downs1111
Rushing 1st downs64
1st downs from penalties31
3rd down efficiency3-123-10
4th down efficiency0-10-0
Total Plays5856
Total Yards292267
Total Drives1111
Yards per Play5.04.8
Yards per pass4.75.4
Interceptions thrown00
Sacks-Yards Lost3-182-11
Rushing Attempts2124
Yards per rush5.63.9
Red Zone (Made-Att)1-12-2
Fumbles lost11
Interceptions thrown00
Defensive / Special Teams TDs01

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