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Raekwon Davis Upset Dylan Moses Went Undrafted as Saban Compares To Dolphins Missing on Brees

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After the 2021 NFL draft ended, former Alabama players, including Miami Dolphins’ Raekwon Davis, were not happy that their former teammate Dylan Moses was not drafted.

Dylan Moses, was an Alabama linebacker that was hailed as the best linebacker in college football going into the 2019 football season before he suffered a torn acl, missing the entire season that year. Before his injury, he was projected as a first round draft pick but he was surprisingly undrafted during the 2021 draft. He returned to play the 2020 season at Alabama. Moses recently signed as an undrafted free agent with Jacksonville. After he went undrafted, some of his teammates and even his head coach had some things to say about it.

Los Angeles Rams linebacker Terrell Lewis tweeted on Twitter that Dylan Moses going undrafted had to be a crime. Miami Dolphins Defensive Tackle, Raekwon Davis, retweeted the quote with his own displeasure by tweeting, “I’m still over here tripping off that!


Alabama head coach, Nick Saban, who was formerly the Miami Dolphins head coach from 2005-2006, said that Moses being undrafted had nothing to do with him as a player but that it was medically related. Then Saban went on to give a heartbreaking history lesson for Miami Dolphins fans, reminding them of what could have been for the Dolphins. Saban said, “Don’t forget, when I was the coach at the Miami Dolphins, doctors failed Drew Brees on a physical. And from that time on, he made about 14 pro bowls, won a Super Bowl, passed for like…I don’t know…how many thousands of yards. So, I guess they [doctors] make mistakes too.”

Nick Saban was referring to when Brees was offered a contract by the Dolphins during a free agent year. However, doctors recommended that the Dolphins shouldn’t sign him because of a shoulder injury he suffered in his final game with the Chargers.

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