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Why a Miami Dolphins trade for Deshaun Watson now doesn’t make sense

Let’s be clear. Anything is possible at any given time so yes, even though it doesn’t make sense, a Miami Dolphins trade for Deshaun Watson is always technically possible. Even the sky falling could one day happen.

Nobody three years ago thought the entire world would shut down because people would get sick but it happened. So I’m not going to be unrealistic. Anything being possible is not an opinion, that is just a simple fact of life. So, if the Dolphins trade for Watson it would be because it fell into that anything is possible category.

There is no denying that Watson is a good football quarterback. He did lead the NFL in passing yards (4,823) during a losing 4-12 2020 season. But a trade for Deshaun Watson now would make no sense for the Miami Dolphins.

First, Deshaun Watson is bombarded with all kinds of legal issues right now. And those legal issues come with questions of what Watson’s future will be like. If Miami offers anything for Deshaun Watson and his fate ends with him being unable to play football, then Miami will be left with the short end of the deal. Professionally, it would make no sense for any football management in the NFL to want to touch Watson until all of his legal matters are resolved.

Secondly, at this point Miami has three good quarterbacks with a 30 million dollar investment in Tua Tagovailoa. They also have developed a coaching staff, a new playbook, and an entire receiving corps that has specifically been designed for Tagovailoa’s play style. Whether a trade for Watson will still keep Tagovailoa in Miami or send him elsewhere, it wouldn’t make sense to bring in another quarterback who is not familiar with the team’s system or schemes after training camp and preseason games are over with only less than two weeks before the season begins.

Thirdly, nobody can ever face any type of criminal accusations without it taking a toll on their mental health. No matter how good Deshaun Watson has been in the past, the mental anxiety placed on him this off season will definitely affect his gameplay on the field. Not only is football a physical game, but it is also a mental game, especially for a NFL quarterback.

There is no denying with all of the accusations thrown at him this year that the possibility does exist that Watson possibly could become an emotional train wreck during the entire legal ordeal. Sometimes emotions cloud judgments and the clouded judgment could possibly seep onto the football field. No matter what team Watson plays for this year, if he does play, that mental anguish just may be the very thing that will definitely cause him to falter in his quarterback play.


For fandoms sake, fans are definitely fanatics and the Watson trade rumors have caused division amongst the Dolphins fanbase. It’s not really a matter of ignorance of what fans want as it is more of fans just being hungry and longing for a Super Bowl for their Miami Dolphins team. According to social media, some fans are going as far to believe if they could sell their soul to the devil to get to that Super Bowl, they are willing to do it at all costs. But getting caught up in fandom can sometimes cloud judgments from real scenarios that are more plausible.

There are Dolphins fans that truly believe Deshaun Watson would guarantee a Super Bowl. But realistically, Watson doesn’t necessarily guarantee a win, let alone a Super Bowl appearance. Watson passed for over 4,000 yards in 2020 but the team he was the field general on lost 12 games.

After seeing what was to some a subpar season for Tagovailoa in 2020, many fans don’t think Tua is the right person to get the job done this year. But as I’ve mentioned in several articles before, with the exception of 9 more touchdowns and 396 yards, there wasn’t much difference in Tua’s rookie season and Dan Marino’s which I will not take the time to elaborate in this article.

If you want to see the similarities, those can be found in the article “Tua Tagovailoa’s rookie season was very similar to Dan Marino’s rookie season”)

And honestly, Tua’s rookie season wasn’t much different than Watson’s rookie season other than 8 more touchdowns. Watson actually threw more interceptions in less attempts than Tua did his rookie season. The difference between Marino and Watson is that Tua Tagovailoa was not fully recovered from hip surgery when he was playing his rookie season.

Some fans and media see Tua’s injury history in college as a sign of weakness for the Miami quarterback, calling him brittle and injury prone. That’s one of the reasons that some fans think that Deshaun Watson would be a better fit in Miami; because of his durability.

But just because a fan thinks that doesn’t mean they know all the facts. The facts are Deshaun Watson himself tore his left ACL, fractured his finger, broke his collarbone and sprained his left LCL in college while tearing his right ACL and sprained his back in the NFL. So the Tua is brittle and injury prone is a moot point compared to other quarterbacks in the NFL. All players get injured at some point or another.

The difference between Tua and other quarterbacks is that he now must learn that he doesn’t need to keep playing through an injury. Tua is now being paid to play the game and do everything possible to keep from being injured or further aggravating an existing injury. But Tua has always been the type of player that will play through an injury until he can’t play anymore.

If the Dolphins even considered trading Tua, what Miami doesn’t want to be is the 1990s Atlanta Falcons team. The 1992 Falcons traded a quarterback named Brett Favre to the Green Bay Packers for a first round draft pick in which the Falcons used to draft a running back named Tony Smith. Smith had 2 touchdowns and 329 yards in 3 seasons for his entire career. Favre won a Super Bowl, was MVP 3 times, and was an eleven time pro bowler.

Additionally, if the saying, “if you don’t learn from history you are destined to repeat it” has weight with the Dolphins, then it absolutely must be considered what happened in years past. The last time the Miami Dolphins traded for a quarterback that previously led the NFL in passing yards and was unhappy with his current team was when they traded for Dante Culpepper instead of signing Drew Brees. Miami currently has a starting quarterback that has been compared to Drew Brees numerous times, even by the media members that have been the most critical of him.

The reasoning behind all of the Watson rumors to Miami would be for another article entirely, which I won’t write. But trading for Deshaun Watson at this time would practically be illogical and may be not beneficial for Miami at all. Whether the rumors are true or not, only time will tell. Most likely, they aren’t.

In the meantime, the Miami Dolphins need to concentrate on protecting their investment and keep giving Tua Tagovailoa the tools to make him and the team a success in 2021.

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